Saw this motor on diyelectricskateboards, wanna try to swap out benchwheel's motors, would it work?

I saw this motor on the website, looks closest in specs to the one benchwheel has, is it possible to swap them? And should I be worried about the watts of the motor? diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-5055/

Is the wiring on the benchwheel motor similar to this one?

The benchwheel has 3 wires instead of 4.

is the extra wire for additional functionality and I can leave it disconnected, or is it necessary?

There’s usually 3 main phase wires, and there can optionally be hall sensors to track position of the rotor more directly. So I think that extra “wire” is for the hall sensor (so it’s really a wrap of 5 or 6 wires), which is probably not required if all the benchwheel has is 3.

Thanks for the responses! So I should be able to plug and play this? I guess I’ll just tape up the extra wire. Should I get their pulleys and belts too?

If it fits physically, then you should be just fine on the wiring side. Huge disclaimer on the programming side. If you’re using benchwheel’s stock ESC, I don’t know if it will be able to be adjusted to handle this motor’s parameters, cause every motor is different (ie, it’s not just the correct number of wires that make a motor)

That’s rad man. I hope it works out and you are successful. Do you think once you figure things out, you could post how did it on this thread?

I’m trying to put together a thread of just repairs and upgrades on chinese boards. There seem to be lot of people buying these and needing to upgrade or repair them. I want this thread to be like a transition into building your own board from scratch. Learn as you go situation. Lol

Might not be plug and play then? Ah well. I’ll order them anyway once my pay comes in. If it doesn’t work then I’ll take it as a sign to start building a board. That might take a while with my schedule though. Thanks for the advice! You’ve been a great help. =)

Sure thing! I’ll post it there once I get the time and money to get it done!

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