SC BAY AREA Group Ride?

Hello folks! My name is sun and I am the social coordinator for the Santa Cruz Eboard club ( In collaboration with the generous folks at Inboard. Our ride will be next Saturday on 9th at 4:30pm at [701 W. Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95060]. You will be able to test out the Inboard Monolith 1 or just come on the ride! Feel free to just show up but an RSVP would go a long way (RSVP by shooting me a DM).

Thanks everybody and happy riding!


Sorry, unfortunately it’s too far from me, and I have no car to get there with my board.

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hey its cool bud. Happy Eboarding!

Sorry, I’ll still be away from home while this is going on. Have a great ride though!

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its cool man! We will be having one every month so i’m sure you’ll be able to swing by at some point.