Scam product or good deal?

hee guys i saw this online

this seems to good to be true right ?

Seems too good to be true and there are some photos of Jacobs hubs from this forum - which these appear to be clones of…quality… whose to say…it could be a hell of a deal if it is what it says but im skeptical. Someone wanna give it a go…you know for science?:grin:


not sure why this should be “too good to be true”. I basically paid around the same for the single parts. Jacob motors: 284$ Enertion VESCs: 250AUD @Kaly Remote: 45$ Total: 284+186+45=515$ including shipping (so even cheaper than the auction)

Fair point. The too good argument for me is that all these parts are in beta versions from origin sources… who is to say the quality will be up to snuff…untested VESC source, jacob hub clones, and yes the jacob hubs were 284 if you got his first 25 pairs now he sells them for $399…i dont currently have $500 to gamble on.

also why not support the members here…hummie, jacob, enertion…for a few bucks more you get some dudes more local, that have vested interests in selling stuff that works and are inovators in the industry

thats just my thought though

This are the same Jacobs hub motors, the factory that manufactured for him is selling them via alibaba and via its website too.

How’d you know? :open_mouth:

When you receive your hub they come with the company info, just give them a call or a line via email.

Here is the link to Alibaba, same manufacturer and vendor.

how’s that not illegal in some way? and i wouldnt trust their vescs

That depend on what contract Jacob did with them. About trust in VESC, Don’t believe everything that is put here, a lot of the vendors you can track they parts to this guys or another Chinese manufacturer.

Well, look who’s selling these clones now:

you´re lucky if you get constant 10Amps through these thin cables :smiley: these look like my balance wires!

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