Scavenge from a M1?

I’m new to electric skateboards. I picked up a board with 2 hub motors that is missing everything else for $25. I’m not sure if the motors work and are worth my buying a controller and batteries.

I was browsing used sales to see if I could maybe find something cheap that I could use to test what I have, and I ran across an ad for an Inboard M1 for $100. The ad says “One of the motors has issues and only sometimes works.” Do you think it’s more likely that the hub motor is bad or the controller has issues?

For $100, assuming the battery still holds a charge, it seems like it may be worth it …

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For $100 it’s not terrible but at the same time, hub motors can be very hard to diagnose and work with

The M1 has been out of production for quite a long time and unless you have a good idea about the battery history and usage it’s really a crapshoot

I would avoid it if I were you

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