Scott Kellum x Sam Sheffer ESK8 Video

Reposting this from @scottkellum Carvon V2 Dual build thread. For those who may not know, Sam Sheffer is a major voice in the NYC electric skateboard/tech influencer scene. Almost all of us have probably run across his electric skateboard coverage on The Verge, Engadget or Mashable. Big shout to Scott and Sam for bringing more awareness to the DIY ESK8 community!


Decent video from Sam. He was over here in London last week but sadly I wasn’t able to go and meet up with him. He had his Boosted V2 with him, though. Check out his Periscope, he was Boosting through the streets of London :slight_smile:

Yo another NYC e-sk8 builder! Would love to meet him. This is a great video for people who don’t know anything about it.

Visit Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen on 2nd ave on a Monday evening and you’ll probably run into him. Also $1 tacos with your drink. I don’t live in NYC anymore but visit often, maybe I’ll see you around!

Scott you moved? Where do you live now?

McLean VA, just outside of DC. I’m in NYC about once a month.

Cool! I’m in Annandale, Virginia twice a week (school)

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GREAT VIDEO!.. & sweet build too.

Man… it makes me so proud when this forum gets mentioned like that! I love that it’s a source of inspiration for so many people.

The electric skateboard builders movement continues to grow worldwide!!!

It’s really great to see new age media is helping to spread awesome self-built-techy-esk8 vibes across the globe!


I wrote this comment directly on the YT Video, some of you might be interested to read it here.

GREAT VIDEO, for anyone who doesn’t know much about building electric skateboards, this video does a great job of showing that is is possible to build a high-performance esk8 without being a trained engineer in robotics/electronics. Literally anyone can build their own high powered electric skateboard these days, just spend a few hours reading about other builds here: What I also find really interesting about his video is it highlights a VERY interesting point at 16:30 This single fact is a seed-of-disruption for the established electric skateboard business of today, it has some major ramifications for these existing business models as they don’t embrace or even acknowledge the power of the electric skateboard builders movement - providing tools which give people freedom to create is very powerful… to further amplify this point these companies should also consider the fact that most skaters in the history of skateboarding have chosen to build their own preferred style of board from parts they choose. Watch this space.

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Haha ok sweet.