Sealing outrunner

I‘ll get soon some sensored alienpower outrunner. For the rough and wet winter time I thought it would be better to seal them somehow (read here that some people broke there vesc because of shorted sensor wires etc.) Wanted to ask if somebody as experience in it and can recommend some sealing spray, or other stuff to get the motors more resitant.

PS: if somebody know the right size of pliers to open the can I would be happy to get this information

@b264 seems to be an expert


Acrylic conformal coating Take motors apart. Put it on everything except the bearings.


Do you know the size of the clips on the stators? Wanna order the right pliers to take them off but guess most of what i found till now have a too big diameter to fit in the holes. Sorry don’t know the right English word for it…:sweat_smile:

I do not, I just asked @b264 the same question a few days ago. Lol Only reason I know the answer.

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If you fuck it up. I have spare circlips I can give you and put it in the ESC package


I last time tried to open with two small metal sticks…it’s a pain in the ass🙈 Unfortunately i‘m now in vacation and can’t check it by my self.

If you can find ceramic bearings that would be best , if not check and clean them regularly

You have them for 10mm?

Not sure where to get them in Russia. Do you have a link as example?

I think so. The motors I have have 8mm shaft but also are 10mm where the circlip begins

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I don’t even know if you can actually get ceramic bearings for Motors…

I just know if you could. They would last longer in wet environments. If you’re going to ride with metal bearings in the rain it’d be wise to check, clean and replace them.

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As an alternative I offer some motor dust cases on my website:

Just trying to help :slight_smile:


Thx! But i‘m just looking for a protection against water.

Oh, sorry… Didn’t read the entire thread… :slight_smile:

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Oh I like those.
You ship to US?

Sorry, we dont

I read that motors are inherently water resistant?

But keeping from debris and water is also keeping me undecided on sealed or open motors

The windings I think are water resident (as long as you don’t put them under water) The sensors usually not and I want to go sensored Foc in the winter.

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Ah I see so when they mean water resistant they are referring to sensorless motors? Hmm i thought getting soaked or wet would be fine for them regardless of sensorless or not