[Search] Turnigy SK3 260kV

I’m looking for this specific motor, new or used, because I really need this one because it is best compatible with the setup we want to use. The sk3 that was used before broke because of a small rock that hit the winding :frowning:

It´s currently in stock @ HK´s UK warehouse.

It says back order and out of stock for me?

It was on stock when i replied to your thread 15 minutes ago, of course i didn´t screenshot it. Sorry about that :confused:

I was looking together with @susplus and we both wanted to buy one and he bought it instantly :smiley: Thanks a lot dude!

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Glad to hear that. Have fun with it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Or did i get that wrong and you actually wanted to buy two of them?

No we have what we want, and without you we would’ve probably missed the sk3 so a huge thank you man!

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