Searching for 2 Focboxes! [EU]

Hello Everyone! A friend asked me, if I could ask here if here’s anyone who sells 2 Focboxes. If here’s anyone who sells 2, please just leave a comment or pm me. Greetings


I have 2 in London. Was planning to keep as spares but could do with the cash. What’s he offering?

Both unopened

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Okay, seems nice👌 I ask my friend how much he’s able to pay you. But whats your price limit?

street-wing has some if you dont mind paying HUGE margins i believe they are in stock new and will have a warantee…

Have you considered the unity ?

Okay, thank you. I have to ask my friend, because i don’t know how moch he wants to pay for the focbox☺️ is a lot cheaper…

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huge margins? what are you talking about?

The price of a FOCBOX on is £124 for customers outside the EU and the price is £148.80 including 20% VAT (which is not a margin and goes straight to the government).

The margin on those is about £18 by the time I have paid for shipping and import duty into the UK. And out of that I need to deal with customer service, repairs/replacements and help when people get stuck.


and you might want to check the shipping costs, street wing has really cheap and fast shipping which brings the total cost down when compared with many other retailers

its no secret :slight_smile:

i own street wing which is a limited company and a seperate legal entity.

Check my profile, it links to Street Wing and pretty much everyone who has been here for more than a minute knows I run the company.

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that is not a bad idea


Bro, are they even in stock, on my screen it says ‘‘Out of stock’’?

Are u kidding me?

Steet-wing: 148.80 + 22.60 = 171,4 pounds = 199€ 155.73 + 16,93 = 172,66 €

30€ difference for what? Nothing. Dont get me wrong, but the price is better…

Anyway… street-wing is out of stock.

are you kidding me? or have you just had drink?

the price is £148.80 INCLUDING VAT, it’s £124 before VAT

the 155€ from eskating is also including VAT… i just added the shipping cost! not the VAT.

Please tell us, why should we pay 30€ more on your store? Just a question. I dont want to blame or anything.

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are you just trying to troll now?

I never mentioned anything about any other stores, you are the one claiming the inc VAT price is 199€ which is wrong

INCLUDING SHIPPING! I calculated the total cost.

my bad. I misunderstood. please accept my apologies

where are you located? shipping seems high for most of Europe or the US



10 char

as i said above if you want them now they are in stock and come with a warranty if u dont mind paying :slight_smile:

i apologies for mentioning you

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the shipping you mentioned is too high image

Shipping is £9.05, total cost inc VAT and shipping £159.66 so approx €186

Can you please let me know how you got the site to generate that shipping cost so I can do some debugging

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