Searching for Motor Mount Caliber 2 (clones) in europe

Best Eskate community,

The past month I have used the hobbyking motor mounts. In this month I have broken 2 already. However, not the mount is breaking but the screws are breaking. Now I having 2 mount with broken screws inside them and can’t get them out. I’m looking for a new option, possibly for stronger or more reliable motor mounts, but not ridiculously expsensive. I searched the forum and came across these:

s-l1600 These are around 20 dollars.

The price is right, but they do seem a bit long and I have a 265mm belt, also they are located in china. Does anybody know where to find motor mounts for caliber 2 trucks in europe or does anybody in europe sells motor mounts for caliber 2 trucks? Btw: I’m using 6364 motor. Help is greatly appreciated.

Those are made by @dickyho , they are reliable and cheap, probably your best option

Caliber II Motor Mount – Boardnamics shipping is not expensive


streetwing Alienpowersystem Unik Electricboardsolutions

I can personally vouch for @e.board_solutions motor mounts. They are great :smile:


Thank you guys for the response. I ordered one from boardnamics. Not located in the eu but had a decent price with the right fit for 265mm belt.

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