Searching for VESC 4.10/4.11 PCBs


I am searching for some VESC PCBs for self soldering, because of some trouble with the manufacture I ordered my 4 Layer PCBs from. It would be good if there is someone in Europe or best in Germany, but also international would be ok when the shipping costs are ok.

Hope someone can help me.


Check with this guy if he still got them.

Thanks for your link, but I know this source and he is selling them for 14,16 Us-Dollar per piece. One can get 10 for 72 Dollar here: Hackvana So that would be around 7 dollar per piece and I don’t know why this guy think he can double the price. I don’t need 10 so i am asking if someone sells 1-2 pieces for a fair price. And to this 14,16 Dollar one must also add shipping costs, because I live outside the UK.

Ah, i didn’t know the price on them, just remembered hos post. But yes, double price seems a bit steep.

Might wanna check on the Endless Sphere forum as well if you havn’t already.

Why don’t you buy 10 from hackvana and sell off what you don’t need?

Alternatively, there’s a guy on ES selling complete VESCs in Germany, perhaps he’ll sell you a couple blank PCBs ?

His name is elkick. Actually a nice guy and I’m sure he’ll help. Here is the link to his shop.

That was my plan to order 10 and then I had the idea maybe there is someone ordered 10 and want to sell a few.

Looks like I must write more information in the thread opening post next time, because I already contacted elkick via PM. :smiley: But thank you both for the tip to contact him.

If you order some, I would be in for four ! France or Germany for me !

What do you mean with France or Germany for you? And we are talking about non soldered PCBs. I am just saying, because in an other forum someone thought we talk about assembled ones.

Maybe one can then also think about ordering from Mouser/Farnell together to come over 25 FETs or so to lower the costs.

Yes, I am also looking for PCBs only. I am in France … so a german (or least EU) supplier would be better that US or aussie one.

Get them from oshpark. You cannot beat the quality of their PCB’s and the gold plated pads are much easier to solder. Comes out to around $39 for a batch of three but I have no idea what international shipping charges they have.

@hexakopter he’s on this forum too as @elkick

@akira So you are just interested in PCBs and not in the electronic pieces, right? To the PCB ordering thing. I think with an European/German PCB manufacture at a low quantity you are definitely over 25€ or more for one 4 Layer PCB. So when cost plays a role one should definitely order overseas.

@chaka I don’t really like their solder mask color and I think 13 Dollar per piece isn’t that cheap, but for the quality (ENIG and not HASL) a lot better then the offer of @Jack . Looks like international shipping from osh park without tracking information and slow shipping is free.

I’ve got 8 spare PCB’s form an order at smart-prototyping. The lettering on the solder mask is alright, and they’re blue in color. It’ll be a couple days but I can get some pictures and figure out shipping costs if people are interested, would probably sell them for $10 a piece.

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I have heaps (120) of 4.8 PCBS you can have for free!

Just pay me some some postage.

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@hexacopter : I am also interested if you do a group buy of components. From germany reichelt and/or mouser would probably be the best alternative.

Holy cow! That is a great offer. Thank you a lot. :smiley: I think the V4.8 is also a good start into the VESC world and at the time I want actually order my first PCBs there was version 4.7 the newest. :smile: Do you have tested one of the PCB of this batch if the design is working in general? So I think I will order my pulleys/belts also at your shop and then you can ship it together?

@akira Ok cool. For how many VESCs you need the parts? Just to have an quick overview. Would you be also ok for “shipping cost free” V4.8 PCBs?

Yep. 2 PCBs would be great for me … And the components for 4 VESC if we group to buy it.

Ok, that is now noticed. Hope it isn’t urgent for you, because when @onloop is ok with sending them it needs some time. Hope you are planning with some time.

… Sorry , mistake …