Searching for VESC 4.10/4.11 PCBs

Can I have a few? I wanna try building 3 for my boards and it’d be nice to have one or two extra in case I mess up.

For anyone who wants the version 4.8 PCB just pay the postage here:

Write a note saying "send me 6 vesc 4.8 pcb"

Pay the shipping & ill send a sheet of six to each person free of charge (only pay the shipping cost).

The version 4.8 PCB are perfectly fine & working, there is very little difference between 4.8 & 4.10

Oh that is a little bit disappointing, but I can understand that.

To all the people who have written me, I am very sorry but please note that I can then not ship them from Germany just for shipping costs to you. I will then order V4.11 PCBs from an other source but I think the new version is also worth it.

how many did you actually want?

I have now ordered VESC V4.11 ESCs by myself. If anyone is interested in them I will sell them for around 7€ excl. shipping, but final price when they arrived here and the taxes and duty are payed.

Also if others are interested in the electronic parts group buy just contact me.

Will repost about the costs here also, because I got some PMs.

I am planning to buy my electronic parts in the next week and have already found two guys which are interested in ordering together. Some VESC V4.11, Anti-spark-Switch, Capacitor and Nunchuk PCBs are on the way to me. Octopart gives out “USD 66.07 each” (netto price) for the electronic parts right now. Hope to get that down a little bit, but for a full kit that will then be something like USD 66.07*1.19 (19% taxes) + around USD 7 (PCB) = USD 85 with PCB and all parts I think. Must look into the electronic parts order more in detail. But maybe here are also others interested in it and as more we are as lower the costs become.

I have now also put parts for 10 VESCs in my mouser [shopping cart] 1 as a test. To this come also 19% taxes on top and around 7€ per 4 Layer VESC PCB.

Hi hexakopter i am interested in 2 VESC´s i am from Germany too.

Can you send me an PM to start conversation about it? I do not find PM Button :smile:

Yes, will write you back now.

@all VESCs PCBs are shipped now. Will inform you when they are here.

Hi hexakopter i am interested in 3 VESC´s boards and components sets. I am from Spain. If you are interesed in sell it to me let me know. Best Regards

Hey agpouso,

that should be possible, but I think the shipping to spain with tracking is around 15€ (the tracking so no one can say they didn’t receive their package). At the moment it looks like we are around 80€ for one VESC self solder set with PCB. Please write me back if you still are interested, because a guy with 4 VESC sets didn’t answer back since weeks so I think he is out.

The electronic parts arrived today. Now still waiting for the PCBs. The tracking says they are in London now, so hoping it doesn’t takes to long.

Just to have it here updated, too. Electronic parts of the enquirys are now packed. Hope to get PCBs tomorrow. Here are some pictures. Takes a lot of time… In the picture you see the electronic parts for a set of two VESCs.

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Does this offer still stand? Also do you know where I could get a parts list for this version and the firmware and all of that. I am new to e-skateboards and basically have everything ready just don’t have the esc’s yet. I just finished making my own reflow oven and would like to try make my own esc’s.

I have couple of 4.12 pcbs. Europe, Slovakia. pm if you still need them.

You can find the BOM on Vedder’s GitHub. You need to convert the ods file to a xlsx file using an online converter. Then import the xlsx file into mouser and element 14 and order the parts.

K I have found the parts list but wasn’t sure if that is the same for old boards. I live in the US and digi key is in my town so I will probably go there for all the parts they have all of them but a few. I will have to post that list and see if I can find similar parts. I know the Mosfets were out of stock.

Do you still have the pcbs?

I also have a complete dual VESC V4.11 set left, with all the electronic parts and PCBs.

how much? more characters

Sorry for the late response. I don’t know if I have done the calculation here also, but all parts with PCB for one VESC v4.11 are 80€. So the dual set is 160€. Don’t forget that one must also add shipping costs. I will only ship with tracking number and insured shipping. I think the most infos you can found on this thread: But it is in german.