Second Build plans, discussion and seeking some advice

I would like to upgrade my current build and also transition it into my second build.

Here is my first build for reference:

Basically what it was, is a Psychotiller enclosure that could house my Meepo Sanyo battery and my diyeboard ESC, coupled with diyeboard dual motors/trucks.

Current ESC:

Current Battery:

My priority is that I really want to upgrade my trucks and motors to something I can fix myself or replace with parts. I was looking at the dual motor set from diyelectricskateboard:


(x2) collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

While these motors have lasted me 11 months now, they seem close to falling apart. I’ve had both motors and mounts become loose and had to use some metal glue to secure it all. But they make grind-y noises and without being able to actually disassemble it, I figure I should invest in better parts that I can replace each piece in case something goes wrong, instead of continuing to mend the current.

I would like to upgrade my battery and ESC as well, but I can only afford so much at a time.

My first question to anyone who is knowledgeable, is will my current ESC and Battery be able to power those 2 motors if I choose to upgrade them first?

My second question, or concern really, is that this is still new to me, even working with tools really. While I have confidence I can put together another build, I wouldn’t mind taking the time to invest in some pre-assembled parts.

I would like to upgrade my battery to something more “flat” and longer, so I could get more ground clearance in the future. I saw that Torqueboards/diyelectricskateboard sell pre-assembled battery packs with power and charging ports already built in. How are the quality of these? I don’t have the confidence to solder batteries myself. And whether the new battery would work with my current ESC until I could afford a proper VESC setup is a whole other question in itself…

Appreciated and thank you

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I’m kinda doing the same thing with my prebuilt Riptide r1. Want to upgrade so much that it’s pretty much a new build. I’m starting with trucks and mounts to give the board better control and overall feel. I’ll probably do battery second (that sanyo you have is kinda what I’m looking for actually, let a guy know if it comes up for sale) I’m still learning so I can’t answer your questions really. About to start my first build. I’ll follow your build, would like to see where it goes. *personally I’d want my esc/battery upgraded before my motors. You might end up with slightly better performance out of your current Motors with a better battery and speed controls. While you might get poor performance out of the better Motors on a cheaper ESC. But your motors are failing so I see the need to get them replace.

I just picked up a pair of similar motors from a forum member for $160 (new). I think if you took the time to post a looking for parts post, you could gather the parts in the kit much cheaper from members.


That sounds like an awesome deal on the motors.

Yeah my motors need to go first, then I think I’ll do battery and ESC last. I don’t mind the mild performance loss until I upgrade the ESC, even though I use my board for daily commuting to work I don’t need top speeds right now.

Speaking of batteries, do you know who sells the most repuatable battery packs around here? I’m looking for a 10s3p slim pack but I don’t have soldering experience or anything like that so I wouldn’t be able to create my own pack, I don’t mind paying for one I just want it to come from a reliable source.

Thanks Skunk

By the way, I think if I get my new battery anytime soon, I figure I could try and sell my Sanyo if you want it. Of course it would be cheaper than new, it is used and not sure how comfortable people are buying used batteries so I totally don’t blame you if you don’t want it haha cheers!

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I went with a battery from @psychotiller. Great guy to deal with. I hear nothing but good things from others whom have done business with him, And I’m happy with what I paid. I may take you up on the sanyo, but I did just swoop up a 10s5 for my board, so we’ll see how that goes.