The time has come to start the preparations for Christmas :christmas_tree: As @Youssless created last year, i would like to continue it :smiley:


  • Worldwide/zone specific. if you would like to participate, bear in mind that you might have to ship your gift overseas.
  • 3 days reading time and 50 received likes to be able to participate
  • Minimum value of the gift 15USD
  • You can send your unused parts or buy and gift new ones, your choice :sunglasses:
  • Create a wish list with what you would like to get
  • create a gift list of what you can gift
  • Write your address in the form. I’ll not come to your door with a chainsaw :smiling_imp:
  • Chocolates of your country/region are mandatory. This way if the gift is shitty, at least you’ll have something sweet :rofl:
  • Best wishes card is mandatory. pictures of your mom are accepted :stuck_out_tongue:
  • what to give for users who have it all or who own a esk8 store? In the wishlist, write also your hobbies. be specific. This way you can be creative.
  • Be creative. Comsumbles items are welcome, bearings, loctite, bushings, griptape, drugs, condoms, the usual stuff
  • You can even buy something online and ship it to your drawn person.
  • Sex toys policy: if you decide to give one, keep in mind that other members might get jealous. If you’re all set to gift it, clean it first :stop_sign:
  • This is based on mutual trust. If you want to participate, your honour will be at stake if you bail out. No-one will be responsible if a gift wasn’t received/sent. What i could do is just let the sender know that the receiver didn’t get his gift yet.
  • October is to think, get ideas and sign up for the Secret Santa event.
  • 1st of november will be the draw of names.
  • November is to get/ship the gifts
  • By december, everyone should have their sweet package waiting :gift:
  • This way we avoid busiest time of the year of the parcel companies.

Any sugestions are more than welcome :innocent:

Here is a pool to choose:

  • Worldwide Secret Santa
  • USA & EU separate

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Bad idea. We have Hersey’s here. I’m not even sure it’s chocolate.


Damn I’m reading on here so much but I rarely comment! Guess it’s time to be more active lol


Do I qualify :smile::raising_hand_man:t4:


rad. I want in on this.

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The way it was done last year. It was made so no one had to ship overseas. Some did due to their wishlist and who had it.

It wasn’t really random. @Youssless did an awesome job figuring who had what to give and who needed it to make the gifts more useful.

I’m down for the 2nd Annual Esk8 Secret Santa!


I actually missed last year and I’d like to join this year.

Btw American commercial chocolate is generally too sweet but like everything else our best stuff is not commercial products but hand made stuff.


This is such a nice idea, I wasnt on the forum in 2017 (thats like a century bacK) but I can now :santa: gotta get my dildo out of the wardrobe…

btw I live in Holland so forget the chocolate, I will send drop and im super curious how someone else likes it hahahahahha

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Where is @Youssless anyway? He just suddenly ghosted.


May be it should be split by countries or atleast US and UK EU. Might help those who want to join but can barely afford shipping cuz $10 is good but the shipping to other countries can go up to or around $23 for something small. Anyways just an idea


realy like the idea

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Santa ghosts 364 days a year


did you setup a group?

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I would like to participate, but I don’t think there is anyone near me so it might not be ideal because of the shipping cost.


Bet we could figure it out. Would be a lame reason to be excluded.


I will sign up then. But I would totally understand if I no one is able to pair up with me.

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I’m in.

First internet SS for me, this will be fun.

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This is precisely what I imagine Game of Thrones to be, in one picture. Thank you.


Count me in :slight_smile:


Damn I love things like these, the reading time ain’t a problem but I should get working on posting more I recon :sweat_smile:


Im down to do this. Someone gonna get tons of hersheys from me😁

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