SECTOR 9 / SK3 6364 / 6s4p 10Ah w/ built-in BMS / VESC 4.12 (PRICE REDUCED!)

I have a completed DIY SECTOR 9 board for sale. The specs are as follows: Sk3 6364 245kv LG 6s4p 10Ah (w/ built-in BMS) VESC 4.12 Flywheels clones 83mm 78a 3D Printed Enclosure (100% infill of PETG; decently waterproofed for riding in rain but not puddles) Caliber II 50 trucks 2.4 GHz Winning Remote TB anti-spark toggle switch with blue LED on/off button 6S intelligent charger Enertion motor mount 16/36 gear ratio, 12mm HTD 5M belt Built-in LED headlight and tail lights Voltage percentage LCD meter

Super fast and powerful ride with top speed up to ~22mph and hill climb ~15%. 12mm belt eliminates belt skipping and adds to increased torque for bombing hills. Range of this bad boy is about ~12-15 miles in one charge. Board is lightly used and shows minimum signs of wear/tear.

Asking for $740 OBO complete and shipped (US only). Will also include an extra 3D Printed enclosure for $10 more. All proceeds goes toward building a new mountain board. If interested, please PM me or reply below.


Head and tail lights (red toggle switch turns on both lights)


How did the Enertion motor mount work out for you?

not bad. Prob one of the better mounts I’d have to say.

bump, price reduced!!

Id pay $600 but thats all I got mate, I wish you the best, maybe try eBay

this still available? Lowest price?

yes still available. And I can prob do $730 lowest price to you if you are committed to buy. Can’t go any lower than that since I still have to factor in shipping cost (which is going to be a lot). This board costs me over $850 to make, esp with the 3D printed enclosure which eat up a lot of very expensive PETG filaments at 100% infill.

how much without the battery pack?

I don’t normally sell things in parts, especially how the 3D printed enclosure is made specifically to this battery pack. But if you insist, I can do it for $620 without battery pack and the bms (they are attached).

Any interest in selling without the deck?

I can do $630 without deck.

What are these lights? Could you give their name, please?

How much are you going to sell the vesc for, considering it is used?

PM sent


Bump bump.

Still available for purchase. I am up for negotiation to selling without deck or simply for parts. PM me if interested.

Sent PMs… available to take some parts.

PM sent as well

bump. $580 USA shipped w/o deck or PM for pricing on parts

pm’d sent, thanks


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