“Seeking Assistance for Electric Scooter-to-Skateboard Conversion Project: Expert Advice Needed!”

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my previous post in the wrong topic. I’ve realized my mistake and thought it would be best to repost it here. I genuinely need your help and guidance, and I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to provide the assistance I’m seeking. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and support.

I am excited to embark on my first electric skateboard project and I could really use your help and ideas in utilizing parts from an electric scooter. Specifically, I have an Okai ES400 scooter, and I’ve managed to salvage the following components:

  1. x2 9-inch hub motors: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about these motors, except that they are rated at 350W, 46V, and the maximum speed achievable by the scooter is 30 km/h. Based on my calculations, the motors should have around 69 RPM.
  2. x2 batteries: The batteries are rated at 46.8V, 16.75Ah, and 783.9Wh. The maximum charging voltage is 54.6V, and the max charging current is 5A.
  3. x2 factory speed controllers: I have no additional information about these speed controllers.

To complete my project, I plan on purchasing a deck and motor mounts, specifically ones designed for single shaft hub motors. Additionally, I will need trucks for the front and a pair of 9-inch wheels.

Here are my initial ideas for this build:

  1. Motor Mount Design: I intend to create a metal mount that will connect from the outer side of the right motor shaft to the other side of the left outer motor shaft. I will also secure the midsection of this metal mount to the top side of the deck, above the trucks. This configuration will help distribute the weight evenly, as I have observed some slight bending in similar builds.
  2. Increasing Speed: I am interested in increasing the speed of the electric skateboard, and it seems that one way to achieve this is by increasing the voltage. My plan is to connect the batteries in series, resulting in a total voltage of 92V. In theory, this should double the speed from 30 km/h to 60 km/h. However, I am unsure if this is possible due to the installed BMS (Battery Management System). I would appreciate your guidance on whether it is safe to connect them in series without damaging the components.
  3. ESC and Motor Compatibility: If I manage to connect the batteries in series, I will need to purchase an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) rated at 92-100V. However, I am concerned that this voltage might exceed the motor’s capabilities. Should I aim for lower amperage to compensate for the high voltage? I value your insights on this matter.
  4. DIY Remote Control: Since the scooter’s ESC does not support an RC remote, I plan to create a small box housing a servo with a magnet attached to it. By utilizing a Hall sensor, the servo will move closer or further away depending on the input from the remote controller. This method is inspired by the hall sensors found in electric scooter twist throttles. If you have any suggestions or alternative ideas, I am open to them. While some may propose using an Arduino to convert the signal from the RC remote into analog, I feel that this might be beyond my current capabilities.

Overall, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this imaginary build. Additionally, I would love to hear your suggestions for utilizing these parts effectively. Should I keep the factory speed controllers and wire everything accordingly to maintain a speed of 30 km/h? Or should I consider purchasing aftermarket speed controllers? Furthermore, any assistance with the battery setup and the motor mount design would be immensely helpful.

I will include pictures of the parts I currently have, as well as the motor mount and trucks I plan to purchase. Thank you in advance for your support and guidance. Please bear in mind that I am not an expert, and I’m here to seek help and learn from your expertise.

The 2 screenshots are the parts i plan on buying

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