Seeking Bajaboard

Hi Anyone in europe maybe interested in Selling a bajaboard.

Im having a really hard time finding one.

Im located in Denmark so the closer the Better. :wink:

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I’ve only heard complaints from people who owned one. Like, it has so many pieces something is always breaking, and the battery sucks. I think you would be wayyy happier spending that much money on a top of the line diy esk8 or a quad bioboard rather than a bajaboard.



I was not aware of that. I thought it was a solid board.

I am also considering a trampa board. I dont know if i am ready to throw my self into a build om my own yet.

Trampa is a great one sense your in the EU, there is also Bioboards aswell, they have some pretty sweet boards.


Yeah i am in EU . I dont really know bioboards, but just checked their wekbsite and the specs look great so thanks for that i Will put that on my list of possible boards to buy. :grinning: Although a trampa board is cheaper.


That should be a slogan around here:

Bioboard > Bajaboard :ok_hand:


I‘m not a big fan of Baja boards but bio boards are a totally different set up. Not comparable at all. If you get a trampa or any similar diy board I wouldn’t say that you have less issues. If you ride hard things brake. I can say I probably spend for every riding hour one more hour on tuning, repairing or just changing parts. The good thing on the trampa/diy over the Baja is that you know how to fix it and where to get your parts from you need to change.


Ofcourse, baja can go places Mountainboards can’t even muster. And you’re right they aren’t comparable, but I argue that the money would be better spent on a top teir esk8 rather the baja.

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What would be the cap on a mountain board that won’t stop a Baja?

That’s is stupid, I have one and is very strong, the batteries are amazing, I use 50% of controller bacteria and the board still 98 % my model is one 2019 Panthera configuration.

Don’t make any sense to me your comment based on somebody else, I have the board and I can guarantee, if u buy one u don’t want to sell!

I have a G4X bajaboard. I was wondering if anyone had any information on malfunction with the remote, battery voltage reader, or battery? If so any suggestions on options to make it more accurate?