Seeking evolve trucks

Looking for Evolve rear truck for sale…if you or you’ve heard of someone, please let me know? Thanks

Are you looking for shipping to Tanzania?


I’m looking to have them shipped to the US (Arizona)

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The front ones are in-stock right now

If the rear ones don’t come back in stock soon you can probably find someone who has one already.

Contact Last Mile SF in San Francisco, CA. have them in stock. Free shipping on all orders.

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Thanks for the tip. I followed the link and browsed their website but could not find evolve trucks or any parts at all for that matter - only complete boards. Is there a particular place to go to find this?


These are basically what your looking for just doesn’t say evolve… :call_me_hand:t5:

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Yeah, probably their website is only focused on complete boards, but believe me, they have both supercarve trucks. I bought two complete sets from them in two different ocasions in the past. Just call or email them and ask for trucks. Is easy.

Hell yeah! Thank boss, exactly what I needed.

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You can choose only the Rear truck now.

What kind of motor plate works with the rear truck? Is it included?

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I’m curious about the dpk trucks. I had some gullwing sidewinder 2s before and absoultely hated them so I wonder if the wider evolve ones are any better.