Seismic Skate Systems G5 45 Degree / X-LT Springs High Raw Skateboard Trucks - 180mm Hanger 9.75" Axle

Has anyone tried these?

Product Description Seismic® G5™ 45-degree Spring Truck 180mm faced Hanger with 45-degree Baseplate in stone finish. Choice of Solid or Hollow axles, Springs in four (4) strength options. Price is for a single truck. Order two (2) trucks for one skateboard.

General setup suggestions For optimal traction, power, and control, we usually suggest a 45-degree truck at the nose and a 30-degree truck at the tail, with stiffer springs at the tail than at the nose. Use two 45-degree trucks on symmetrical (twin-tip) freeride decks. Use stiffer springs if you’re heavier and/or taller than average, softer springs if you’re lighter and/or less tall.

The original precision longboard truck – five generations later! A major upgrade to our flagship high-rebound truck technology.

Power, stability, maneuverability, and control since 1993 No truck has more energy return, more precision, or better steering control. The world’s best for pumping!

Stronger, lighter, and better-looking Our crack team of engineers and industrial designers scoured every cubic millimeter of the previous (G4) model – looking for material to trim and spots to toughen, all while improving aesthetics.

More precise Spring System Breakthrough Spring Cap design keeps Springs much straighter as they compress – resulting in a larger turning range and enhanced steering control.

Easier maintenance and better Pivot Bolt fastening Thicker, stronger Pivot Bolt is easier to remove and install, and it threads more securely into a larger Baseplate Locknut. Stronger, reusable Pivot Bolt Clip is easy to remove and install by hand, and it’s fastened to a rubber “leash” that prevents it from ever getting lost. Ingenious new multi-part Baseplate structure creates uniform thickness at mounting corners, so you need mounting bolts of only one length.

Most components backwards compatible with older models Exception: G5 Pivot Bolts, Baseplate Locknuts, and Pivot Bolt Clips will not fit older (G4) baseplates; and older (G4) Pivot Bolts, Baseplate Locknuts, and Pivot Bolt Clips will not fit G5 Baseplates.

Mounting Because of their unique baseplate structure, Seismic G5 spring trucks should not be top-mounted on decks with drop-through mounting holes. The baseplates require full surface support. G5 spring trucks should also not be mounted on top of rubber or urethane shock pads. These amplify stresses on the baseplates, especially if the mounting bolts are over-tightened or tightened unevenly. Then relatively minor impacts can push the baseplates past their breaking point.

Axle Height, Axle Offset, and Roll Center Axle Height: 59.5mm / 2.34 inches from baseplate bottom to axle midpoint Axle Offset (Rake): 14.0mm / 0.55 inches Roll Center: 16.2mm / 0.64 inches above axle midpoint More Axle Offset (or Rake) pushes the Roll Center higher (towards the deck), resulting in quicker lean response and better wheel traction. Less Axle Offset (or Rake) leaves the Roll Center lower (near the axles), resulting in better lean control and stability.

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I’d love to hear a review of these; it seems like a lot of hardware to accomplish what is already pretty well-done with a simple longboard truck with good bushings. But if the ride is truly better, maybe? It’s cool that you can use a spring-based system without having to use big wedges (or a mountainboard deck).

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Trying to decide between giving these a shot on the front of my board versus the gullwing sidewinders. I want to avoid the wobbles while getting a better carve out of the board. The way it’s set up now is just too stiff, but any looser on the Paris trucks with dual hubs and I’m rubbing wires in the back or wobbling in the front…What to dooo?

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No motor mounts that could fix these trucks ?

I had a set of Seismics on a traditional skateboard once. In my opinion the ride is too stiff and clunky for an esk8. Lean left or lean right, there wasn’t much middle ground.

Won’t help at all. Reason is, the wobbles come almost entirely from too much steer on your back truck.