Seismic Speed Vent 85mm 75a wheels (SOLD!)

Note: 6 holes has been drilled through one of the wheels to make a drive pulley; still in like new condition. $40 shipped to US

Why not put all of your items in one thread?

I thought it’s better to list them individually so that there’s less confusion. Last time I did it all on one post ended up with people confused over which item is which lol


Just a thought with these listings… Maybe list where you are based and where you will ship to?

updated. thanks for the heads up

I’d be interested if you included the wheel gear you drilled them for! (for additional cost of gear of course). Where are you located? shipping cost? PM maybe?

(super old thread… whoops! if still available PM me)


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Hello Friend you have this wheels to buy?

Please read bro this thread is 2 years old…

Im sorry where I can buy?