Selkie: HAYA deck • Hummie hubs • 13S • Proton +++

Looks tight. Are u welding the cells or going to use those printed compressors? Anyone ever use those ?

Thanks I cut up NESE compression tabs in order to run fuse wires to a copper bus which then folds over to join the NESE 4p poron tabs

Main thread here, @agniusm did some rock solid testing, they have a copper core and button shape

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the foam is poron?

I only managed to buy 3mm poron as dampening foam (in yellow)

How much risers do u need for clearance? Specially in the front truck…? Is this 14mm?

On the rear is a 1/2" tunnel riser made by Riptide, I picked up a couple in a GB. On the front Khiro Angled shockpad, 80A

Hummies/Centrax 83mm no wheelbite

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Yes @agniusm uses poron due to it’s long lasting rebound abilities, it’s about 2-3mm thick used on the negative tab end only

What about those purely printed green holders w a printed spring, anyone use those?

nice, yes poron rebound and dampening propperties are excellent. Viscous effects are quite cool :smile:

I ended giving up on those, the effort to cell-fuse them I failed with, it ended up being easier to use NESE tab I had left over, and just bridge together a really long tray


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jk nice build in progress!


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Atlas make these precision washers, the raw steel one boardside is a hat-shaped washer on a 93A riptide cannon which should remove a little slop. Going to move inwards a notch.image

hmmm Caliber Vs Paris?

Edit: You can’t see them, but these are in there Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 96A, Type : Paris Street

Also present and unaccounted for is the Chinese Zealous knock-off bearings on AliExpress in the Centrax front thane



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Yeah thinking of altering @skatardude10 key to fit

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Test fit of the cell trays, need to file down the soldered fuses in some places and glue tabs into place, also solder in some charge leads, with a little more work I should be able to get this done then heat shrink each tray and cut holes for the cells to pop in/outimage


Test fit, still some work to do on her hair, I mean the balance leads, I used @brenternet’s hair dryer to get the vacuum on the shrink wrapimage

The tape around each cell is to make it easy to jank a cell out without disturbing neighbors


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Nothing for the shoulders?:joy:

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You’re near Dingle?? Did you manage to find a bar?

inspiring one. subscribed ! that’s gonna give me some ideas for my build.

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