Selkie: HAYA deck • Hummie hubs • 13S • Proton +++

Taking this to a build thread

Selkies (also spelled silkies , sylkies , selchies ) or Selkie folk (Scots: selkie fowk ) meaning " Seal Folk "[a] are mythological beings capable of therianthropy, changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin.

I was ruminating on battery config on @bevilacqua GB thread but that’s no good for fleshing things out, here is better.

While I was threatening to get together a compression pack with cell level fusing I went through several iterations of some cell holders…all sucked for one reason or another. The total height to work with is just slightly over 20mm and width wise not much better. I was aware of @agniusm 2s4p packs which lend themselves very nicely if you leave off the cover and make a plane cut bringing it down to just under 17mm, the cells will sit proud of that by about 2mm but should be ok with a little protection on top maybe 1mm silicone sheet. You can see it here without the plane cut

I printed in ABS+ at 101% which wasn’t enough for my printer/filament so printing another version at 102% with the cut now. An order for cell tabs enough to build 12s4p is in now, less than €30 delivered with the WINTERSALE coupon, thanks dude

If I’m feeling cheeky I may even run out an extra 4p pack to make 13s

In other news some Riptide bushings/pivot cups on the way from sickboards (along with some surfrodz stuff for something else)image


This is a full forum build. Nice


Terrible build, bad quality, not stealthy at all. Don’t even read!

swimming with jealousy


Not bad for a potato farmer! :ok_hand:


It’s been a terrible crop this year with the weather :sob:


Did you sort your shit out with humburger in the end? That was a mess, you should feel ashamed.

No potatoes for dinner


I have an idea for a module that could be cell height. Experimental and have no PC atm to mock up and see if its viable but the image in my head says it might be done. Will post on NESE thread when I have some news


We’ll have almost the exact same build :slight_smile: I have decided to go 13S4P, do it as well !


I have exactly the same build, only thing missing is the money to buy everything


Were good thanks for your concern (fucker)


Your chance will come fella

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Without a lid there is another mm or 2 as you well know, but of course compromises strength. I used the vented version for obvious reason. It’s the bottom rails I’d like to move up I’m thinking there isn’t a huge pull one end to the other

NESE modded tray & that’s not the half of it. Actually that is the half of it or quarter in fact.

It’s a heretical print in ABS for which I no doubt will take a lot of flak given no enclosure and no ventilation, normal room temp 19c, I opened a window later and will stay out

Esun ABS+, not shitimage


Decided that 13s is what I wanna do so DIEBIEMS will be used elsewhere a tiny charge only bms on the way. Finished printing the cell holders but need some time to build post-Christmas

Oh and she got christened


You dented her?

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Build name in title chappie that’s all

Spent some time today cutting individual pos tabs and soldering a fuse to them, ran out of time so absconded to Dingle for some dinner and a couple of drinks image image


Kick to start anti-spark arrived, ordered a smaller 13s BMSimage

Oh and Gappy Nee Years to you all :four_leaf_clover:


Finished the cell trays apart from BMS wiring image


The excellent @Alphamail tunnel rider comes in handy but needs a rub on each side to allow phase wire clearance when using a HAYA platform image
Phases to be sheathed image