[SELL] [AUSTRALIA] Focbox Unity - Unused

Yeah I’ll likely lose money as i’ll probs only get one person who bids the $410 and then also Paypal and Ebay fees, postage parcel etc…

You know 410$ is the max you’ll probably sell it for as in Easter they were 2 for 400$

**Edit price is in *AUD, so not so overpiced

maybe you want to mention that it is Australian dollar? or it is US dollar?

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Oh it’s aus…

NVM then it’s not overpriced

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Australian Dollar


That’s USD he’s selling aud

Yes that’s why I posted a edit.

You miss spelt AUD in the edit fyi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

not it means aus, like german, off… all on purpose :rofl:


that´s correct as well, just the “,” is wrong (as well as the picing thing, but) …

Edit price is in and so not so overpiced.

Doesn´t it make sense? :rofl:

Hahaha our AUD is terrible ATM. Price seems good as we have an extra 10% tax on all our purchases too :frowning:

Oops auto correct

AUD autocorrect to and :rofl: