[SELL] FocBox Unity -$180 Negotiable

Subject: [US- NorCal] Focbox Unity

Focbox Unity Description : About 3 months old from Mboards. Recently started giving me a DRV fault, but runs fine. Antispark doesn’t work-Stays on all the time. I used it with a loop key and it’s perfect. The wizard quoted me $60 + shipping to get it fully repaired including fixing antispark. **$180 + shipping - Negotiable and Open to Trades. **: Looking for Stormcore 60D+ and DS Enclosure.


:joy::joy:bro. Your killin me smalls

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IKR, such a good deal! Hard to pass it up!!


U think this is good deal I can get new for lil more but r the tenka ones same as original

Idk man I’m not trying to deal with any fault codes I have the money to not have to yano wat I mean if I can get rid of the code I’ll take it most likely

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No. No I do not. I do not condone this blasphemy of a sales thread. I was super nice to op. But can’t get blood out of a turnip. Or something like that. 🤷

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Price is negotiable. @Lnchbox2022 Feel free to make me an offer!!

Hey budd can U text me 484 219 4890

I want it u still have it

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He wasn’t the one selling it, but it already sold!

This again. Oh jeez

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My dude did you not learn your lesson on the other forum?

Have an unused Focbox Tenka for sale. With extras…