Sell me on hub motors

Someone preferably in Sydney or Australia please sell me some R-spec Hub motors/truck, or Hummies or some other great hubs.

Rspec hubs arent great lmao


yeah, maybe not perfect… always room for improvement.

but, still outperformed everything on the market when compared to all other prebuilt boards.

sorry can’t help you.

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Can’t go wrong with a cheap pair of meepo hubs, they’re pretty sick considering they’re cheap as chips and they seem to last!

I have a pair on a spare board, they really kick on 12s! Think you can get them new for $150!


I agree, there are pretty good once you pump some current into them, they don’t have thermistors though, so it is possible to cook them.

Just stay away from any hubs made by enertion unless you wanna eat shit during your ride…

Snap out of it mate, you are slowly being consumed by hate… Have you actually ever ridden a Raptor 2?

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Try Tranzite boards.

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