Sell or trade electric skateboard

Top speed is 48km/h . Max load is 230kg. Reated motor power is 750*2 . and the deck is Carbon Fiber. battery is Samsung lithium-ion Rechargeable battery. CNC. Uphill is 30%. the price is $999 one pice. it includes all fees, shipping fee, tax and so on. is it worth that price?

Being honest not really A meepo is as good if not better for a lower price Most aren’t interested unless your offering something other companies arent

They are offering something that everyone else isn’t… The trucks and wheels… Haha. But still not worth a Grand. Maybe 400 definitely 400 not more than 500. :upside_down_face::metal::call_me_hand:

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i looked some meepo eskateboard, Meepo NLSPro Meepo AWD pro Meepo city rider Meepo classic 2 Meepo V3, the top power is 1260w , this is 1500w. and they ordinary 45 degree bridge (no shock absorption effect), but this is CNC. Meepo controller is
4-speed screen display, multi-point frequency hopping anti-interference. 2.4G or
3-speed marquee, multi-point frequency hopping anti-interference. 2.4G. i post picture is to
Multi-point frequency hopping anti-interference. 2.4G, 4-speed screen display (one-key reverse) (oled screen)

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different people has different opinion. and every product has its worthy.
you get what you pay for。 :grin: :laughing: :smile:

Yeah but that doesn’t make me want to spend an extra 600$ from an unknown brand

Meepo are trustworthy and good while your charging way more for something you say is better

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you compare it,you are naturely know which one you want . so you have a decision.

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I think it’s a great board. I love the tires. Just building customs it’s hard for me to enjoy mass produced pieces.


So can I get your number so we can go out to eat? @Taylor

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DECK- grip tape has a cool design. Might be the best part of the board.

MOTORS- underpowered and small. Tread is unproven and there’s a reason 99% of longboard wheels don’t look like this. . .

BATTERY- Garbage 10s 2P 25r. Major voltage sag, bad range and not great cycle life. Piss poor.

OUTPUT- 1500 watts is much lower then almost every DIY On this site… there’s a reason they call this board the land “snail”…

RATINGS- flat out lies. None of the ratings have been proven with any real world numbers. Just baseless claims from another Chinese manufacturer… prove me wrong.

Should you buy it? Sure. Will it be worth it? HELL no


In other words 5ah My board is 30ah 6x this and also around 6x more amps

Each of my motors is 4000watts so 8000watts overall

Could keep going For 1000$ your not getting your value for money

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