Sell or upgrade Yuneec E-GO?

Hi. I buyed a Yuneec E-GO. I was really happy with it at the start, but now it seems to be a bit too slow for me. Im not sure what i should do. Try selling it, and build my own Electric skateboard, or upgrade the E-GO (if it’s possible). I’m most on the first thing (selling it), But i don’t have to money to build the most expensive board. But don’t want to build a board that fails after 1-2 months. Anyway, could you leave some links to parts for a Diy (Deck, Motor, ESC, and so on) and suggestions. I guess my budget is about 550-600$. I’m sure it would help me a lot. Thanks:)

Just sell it. I think they go for around $400-500 on eBay. If you modify it, no one will buy it later. DIY from scratch whip be much easier.

Okay, thanks for the answer:) i think that it’s the best thing to do too. i have searched a bit about, and found some things. do you know about it’s seems good? - $257

motor - $73

battery - $25 x 2 = $50

charger - $25

remote - $24

esc product/single-motor-120a-6s-esc/16 - $70

Total: $499

And 100 dollars for a good deck. And will i end up need more things then these? @Pantologist

Yeah that should be good. Just get a VESC instead. I’m not sure if @JLabs has any more motors from the group buy but they would save you a bit and get you an already keyed motor. With the SK3 you will have to do a bit of modding.

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Ah okay. Thanks. I will try a VESC instead. I know one who i think have all these things, but thanks for the tip:) I’m not so that good to all these things and what all of them can do. So thanks for the help:) @Pantologist

A bunch of people have Vescs for sale. Check out Enertion like you linked and Ollin Board Company.

Okay. I will try that.

If you were to buy the mechanical kit and motor from DIYElectricSkateboards as well as your ESC, you would qualify for free shipping and then you could spring for a VESC.

Yes, thats right. Im gonna take a look at it tomorrow:) Thanks for the reply. @NickTheDude