Sell Unik Motormounts, Trampa/Unik Pulleys,

Hey guys I will get a direct drive soon and so I wont need my old drive parts anymore. Parts are

if interested or you need more pictures just write a price pm or here! Love the parts but I need the directdrive somehow :grinning::metal:

Parts are still in the build I can ship it at the earliest on wednesday.



trampa pulley


steel pulley

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What direct drive did you buy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Normally a price is required. Btw good luck with selling :slight_smile:

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still not sure :smiley:

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I updated with price

Hello, It’s been a while but are those sold? If you still have those pulleys I’ll take them.

Hey man, the motor pulleys are still here :slight_smile:

So just the motor pulleys? I’ll pm you my address to check shipping cost before I confirm.