Selling 14T HTD5M 14T 15T 16T 17T 18T 20T Steel Motor Pulley and Rubber Belts for Electric Skateboard with Factory Price

We specialize in manufacturing power transmission parts for over 20 years. We can manufacture and supply wheel drive pulley, HTD5M motor pulley, timing belts, screws, motor mount, bushing for electric skateboards. We’re manufacturer, so our price is very good.

Here I attached some motor pulleys and belts we supplied to our customers with our price.

  • Steel motor pulley

HTD5M 15T MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.6-2.5 USD/PCS

HTD5M 16T MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.7-2.6 USD/PCS

HTD5M 17T MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.89-2.69 USD/PCS

  • Rubber Belt

HTD5M-255 320 400 Width:15mm MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.0-1.5 USD/pcs

I will update our price here frequently. If you want to know some other parts, you can also let me know.

The above price is without shipping fee. We normally ship by FedEx and can get special discount for shipping from them. The mini quantity is 50 pcs to reduce the shipping cost. If you want to know the shipping cost, just let me know your country and post code. I can give you an estimated price.


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