Selling 2 Used TB VESCs w/ Copper Heatsinks

As the title says: I’m selling 2x TB VESCs - FW3.40


  • 60 USD Each + Shipping

Stuff to note:

  • Swapped phase wires from 12AWG to 14AWG (No connectors) +$5 for connectors of your choice (3.5mm or 5.5mm)
  • Changed battery connector to 5.5mm bullets
  • Removed heat shrink
  • Shipping from Singapore





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60$ each or?

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edited. each.

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Great deal! Should sell quick

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How much shipping be to Germany? Also why did you change to 14awg?

Will check. the 14AWG change was to make the cables more flexible in my small enclosure before. The stock 12AWG cables were an overkill anyway :smiley:

Still available?