Selling 2 VESCs from Enertion


I would like to sell 2 of my VESCs 4.12 from Enertion Beta from 2014/15. I have bought them as beta tested for my hobby purposes, paid for it more than 300 euro incl. VAT 19% for Germany. Just befor I got it , some people claimed that the manufacturer used the wrong capacitors and that these VESCs wont handle 12s setup. I got the hardware but didnt use or test it at all, also didnt want to send it back, because Enertion offered no refund. I am not familiar with the electronics and cant say which capacitors are used in these PCBs but I would like to get some money out of it. Hope to get 150 euro for both of them +Shipping to EU. Pls ask if you have any questions. I can olso make an ebay listing and accept paypal or bank deposit. Thanks

these things belong in a museum :smile:


Museum is correct. I don’t think you will get the funds for those which you are looking for. Kind of like buying one of the first computers they made for thousands.


Arent those suppose to be 4.7 and not 4.12?


They can’t be 4.12 – because 4.12 is from 2016 February 3

Hi, thanks for your replies. Maybe an was wrong. I could be 4.7. I really can’t remember it’s numeration. But 100% it was Enertion Beta . So if someone is interested or need proofs ,pls pm me.