Selling 2020 Hummie Pre-Order

Hey guys,

Deciding that for my area that a different motor route would suite my area / riding style a bit better, So looking to sell my pre-order spot for Hummies new hub motors which I am sure will be absolutely amazing, And I will probably regret it. Hummie is aware of me wanting to sell these so once complete all information will be transferred to him.


Promo vid:

Price is $783 fees included shipped to the EU

if you are in the US I will eat the extra cost and the price is $700 net to me

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


2wd Hub Motor Kit

  • 70kv with a top speed of 30mph using 12s battery
  • 4 Hummie Motors tires for the motors
  • 4 Abec11 Centrax tires 83mm
  • Paris 195mm v2 trucks *custom 12mm axle hanger for the motors (complete set of trucks)
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Not everyone know who JOHN is, 50% of the people coming here are brand new users that know nothing of the existing projects.

Can you share a picture & a link so people can better understand what this is you are offering?


Hey Jason, good to see you around. Post has been updated a bit per your recommendations my friend. Hope all is well stay safe.

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Thanks for providing the extra info!

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