Selling 41'' Bustin Robot, Fiberglass Enclosure, Trucks & 2 Motor Mounts - Make an Offer

I recently swapped boards to a Switchblade w/ Torqueboards trucks & motor mounts w/ idler pulleys. I am selling the parts I swapped out. Everything is in perfect working condition and was used for less than 4 months, but the parts are dirty & I didn’t want to spend time cleaning them so I am selling them as is.

I also am including 4 brand new belts which fit a 36t wheel pulley & 14t motor pulley and screws to mount the motor (not shown in pictures).

I upgraded to 6s so I can also include my 2x8000mah 5s Zippy Flightmax batteries with less than 50 cycles, but I know many people are wary about buying used batteries. Message me if you are interested.

There are holes drilled into the enclosure as seen in the pictures. The board is a little scuffed, but otherwise is fine and has bolts through it to mount the enclosure. However, you will need to buy new lock nuts to hold the enclosure to the board.

Price I Paid: Deck - $60 Trucks - $30 Motor Mounts - $100 ($50 each) Enclosure - $70 Belts - $20 ($5 each)

Total: $280 (Does not include batteries)

Batteries - $120 ($60 each)

Please make an offer. Shipping will be about $30 within the United States.


Since no one has made an offer so far, I’ll just set a price. I’ll sell everything for half of what I paid which is $140 + shipping.

If anyone wants to buy parts individually, I’d consider selling them individually too. Just let me know!

I’m sure the prices are fair, just everything’s super dirty… you’ll probably have a better time selling if you clean it up and post new pictures

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I have sold the enclosure and both batteries. I still have everything else available. If no one else makes any offers I will clean up the motor mounts and sell them separately for $25 each + shipping and just keep the board and trucks to build a regular longboard for a friend.