[SELLING] $65 plus shipping VESC 4.12 from DIYElectricSkateboard

I bought a FOCBOX instead so dont need this anymore. I’ll sell it for $70 plus shipping OBO. I haven’t taken it out of the bag yet. That’s how brand new it is.

Good deal here… you mays sells it faster at forum.

This might be silly but can u post it for me and send me the link please. I do not have permission to post because I am new. I am just trying to sell these.


Ask administrator for permission, since you have your time whithin this forum, it may help you to solve situation…

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You got a bump to member at the other forum. Let’s get this sold! (Please do realize that you can’t just post this thread there. Need a price and photos inline there.Thanks!)


Would you consider s trade for 18650 cells?