Selling a custom build.. is it illegal?

I was thinking about selling a custom build using evolve trucks… and if it sells fast maybe a few more… is it illegal to do that? I’ve herd they didn’t patent there boards… don’t want to knock off there boards just use there trucks.


as long as you don’t advertize it as evolve board or mention evolveboard in anyways and wordings, you should be fine. you can say i used evolve truck but cannot say “custom evolve board” if you do it became counterfeit product. I doubt they will care even if you do but by law you could be in trouble for misrepresentation of a brand

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Don’t think it’s illegal to use parts from other manufacturers now they may catch on and not want you to use their trucks and all they have to do to stop it is stop selling them to you but it’s not illegal at least in the US

This may cause them to stop selling their trucks or raise the price of them, though.

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No one can stop you for selling anything you bought.

Buy the parts make a nice build and sell it like everyone does, but going full production mode might cause some problems