Selling Alien Power Systems Remote ($45 from Canada)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Alien alien%202

How much for shipping to Miami?

I’ve seen you keen on these things before Alan. Are they good?

I wanted to try that remote for a long time, my mini remotes are the most reliables but they are bulky, the Enertion nano X remote is also nice but only on the weak Raptor 2, on a powerful esk8 you need more trigger range


If you get it keep me posted on how it is man. Like the look of it.

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@Eboosted in case this is not working out for you, I have a new one I sell for 45$ plus 5$ shipping Used once on the bench, didn’t liked the travel of the trigger. It’s too short for my fat fingers.

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Is this used? For how long?



I just need to figure out how to use the feather remote internals on a finger trigger style remote… put it in that remote enclosure… and have the coolest remote ever :smile:

Whereabouts in Canada? Did I see this remote on KIJIJI like 2 months ago?

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I second that

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In Ontario. Yes this add was on Kijiji but no hits on it so far.

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Used for about 1-2 charges so fairly unused.