Selling almost all my inventory :( More parts will be added tomorrow

i found them, they went through. sorry. thanks.

The Caldera is already gone too!?

Is there pictures of the Bkb wheels?

Hummiez deck gone?

Any clue how much shipping is on them?

Depends on ur location. Pm me so i can check

I see you have pics on some of them now, can I get a pic of the Hummie?

Scroll down on this one

Everything should have pics now

Updated some prices

Caldera deck, hummie deck, focbox’s SOLD. Everything else still pending!

Adjusted prices

Carvon v4 TD motors : $350 for whoever messages me first. last buyer flaked!

If i had the money id buy them asap… dont get paid till next week fml


Any chance you have dimensions on the 10s4p?

let me get those for you. It was made by psychotiller. I actually have an enclosure I can throw in as well for that price. let me take pictures of it and get the dimensions.


Please let me know :ok_hand:

Here are the pics. This enclosure was made by psychotiller as well. Never been used.

IMG_6349 IMG_6350 IMG_6351 IMG_6352 IMG_6353 IMG_6354

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10s4P SOLD

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