Selling almost all my inventory :( More parts will be added tomorrow

Hello guys currently selling almost all my inventory…Adding more parts tomorrow as I need to part out a board. WILL UPLOAD PICTURES WHEN WE HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE ! LOCATED: LOS ANGELES, CA

(SOLD)Focbox x2: $220 Shipped US

(SOLD)Carvon v4 TD with front truck and abec 11 97mm wheels: $380 Shipped

(SOLD)Psychotiller 10s4p with 30q with bms( about 15 cycles on it only) : $280 SHIPPED

Sparkle RED GT2b Mod case (NEW) : $30 Shipped

(SOLD)Hummiez single partition Deck with enclosure.

Built Kit Boards 97mm 78A (NEW) : $35

Maytech Thumb remote controller: $20 Shipped

(SOLD)Red Ember Caldera from Psychotiller with enclosure.(inlcludes battery lcd, charging port and on/offswitch installed): $170 shipped

More to come tomorrow…pics coming when we get space as well.


Dibs. Do you have pics? Which enclosure is this?

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Yes. I can’t upload them right now cause we are out of soace apparently

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Yeah, it’s weird, Jason might have cut us off when we were attacking him😂


If he doesn’t claim the deck I will

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ill take the Sparkle mod enclosure(if its the one that OKP helped with)

send a pic via imgur or osmething over PM?

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Interested in maytech remote and bkb wheels

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interested in the focboxs. whereabouts are you based?

He’s Los Angeles based

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Can you upload pics of the v4 torques to your imgr? Are they used? Have you tested them?


I’ll take third place on the deck if the above 2 fall through. Thanks

Motor pics. They are used. Always maintenance by Jerry…never had problems with them. Havent used them since about january

Los Angeles , CA

pics uploaded

Added a new deck

What are the dimensions of that new one?

If I didn’t have 1000 other things going I would have been all the fuck over that deck. Awesome.

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Yeah I’m interested let me know

pm me ill give you my info

I’ve sent you 2 messages but they don’t seem to be going through?