Selling brand new 230Wh 10s2p 6.4Ah battery $150 and used wowgo 2 deck with grip tape, cable and foam installed $60 OBO

I’m selling a 230Wh 10s2p 6.4Ah battery, brand new and in the box, unopened, never used etc (value $190). A friend of mine bought it for me, but I know I want to build my own one/ buy a bigger one. I’m from Philadelphia and asking 150$ + shipping or best offer, prefferably to not rip me off. It was barely shipped a couple of days ago. Obviously can’t have him cancel the order :frowning:

As for the deck, brand new it would cost 95(deck, cable, grip) + 8 (foam) = $103. I am asking $60 + shipping obo. It also has 2 new holes that allow you to use a small kicktail for sharp turns. still no wheel bite, even with softer bushings, However, I do recommend tightening it a bit more in the back if you’re going to install the trucks in the kicktail specific holes. Has a couple of scratches and the tail and nose are scuffed a bit more, grip tape has a small rip in it because I checked the water sealings (still sealed, water can only enter through the enclosures you put).

Will post pictures tomorrow because the deck is in the locker.

You posted this as a wanted item instead of for sale… Currently Skullboard has the same battery using Samsung 30q for $130

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Thanks, changed it. Also thanks for the battery info, will look into that.

However, I can’t really thank you 100% since you made me lose all possible buyers of that battery :frowning:

I guess whoever already has the 6.4Ah and wants to put it in parallel to this will still want it.

Any photos of the deck? And just fyi the deck with everything assembled (except for the foam) is selling for $95 on Wowgo’s site.

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PULL!!! Click click boom!

DSC_1782 DSC_1783 DSC_1784 DSC_1785 DSC_1786

Grip is ugly and ripped on the edges. Easily solvable. I will sand the nose and tail so they look better. Can’t say the pictures are very good cause I had to take them with my selfie camera (main camera is broken). Lmk if you need more pics

I’m not interested, thanks for the additional information though

Battery just arrived. Will open only when someone requests it, gotta keep it in pristine condition. Pls take it off my hands


@skunk have you seen this

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Yes i have

Looked at skullboard again and they’re selling it for $189. Any idea where to look for well priced already built Samsung 30q batteries? Btw, opened the box after allreceived_245054222825756 received_1136620346488785

someone would have a picture of a 4.0Ah battery?

4.0Ah is same size as 6.0Ah pack from 30Q or any other chinese 10s2p battery. I have 2 older 4.0Ah packs if you really need photo

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Okay thanks, can I have a picture?

I think they are both 4.4Ah. hope that helps

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