Selling Complete DIY board ( BE )

DIY Electric Skateboard


  • ±50km range

  • 50km/h max speed


  • wheels: 107mm ABEC Refly

  • Titanium Highspeed bearings

  • 2x Focbox

  • 12s4p Batterypack with12s Highdischarge BMS

  • 2x TB 218mm trucks

  • Orangatang Yellow Nipples Bushings

  • 2x TB motormounts RED

  • 2x 6374 190Kv motors ( 3150 Watts each)

  • 2x 40T aluminium wheels pulleys

  • 2x 16T motor pulleys

  • 2x 280mm long, 15mm width belts

  • Nano-x remote

  • 2A Charger

I would like to get 1300 euro for it. That’s pretty much only the cost of the parts. Preferably selling it in Belgium, maybe in Europe if the price is good and shipping costs included. Shipping this thing will not be easy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you gonna leave the hobby?

Btw: I live also in Belgium

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No not at all! I want to build a new board or maybe get an onewheel. Not so sure about that yet.

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Great board, But used parts for the same cost retail, (And everyone can debate retail cost)

Might not get loads of hits here, you could maybe if you like try also post this to some local for sale website, you may have a lot more interested guys there.

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Your board looks cool. Can i also buy parts from you or do you only want to sell it as a whole? Because it is gonna be though to sell it as a whole concidering the price.Would be interested in the trucks, 1 motor and mount and the wheels.

How much would you be willing to pay for it? :slight_smile: