Selling : Custom spur gear motor mount with integrated ABI encoder


I wanted spur gear motor mount for high power application, i also wanted abi encoder and wheel coupling system without additional bolts.

I have been designing this spur gear motor mount for a while(6 months), and i am finally happy with result.

I am interested to manufacture small batch of them approximately 5 pcs, goal is to get more feedback and testing results for this kit.

It’s fully functional, but there are some cosmetic issues and i think price should be reasonably.


3.75 ratio

25Nm torque handling for wheel

Integrated ABI encoder

Fast wheel swap, no additional bolts(Rubber coupler)


12T spur gear, Black oxide steel

45T spur gear, White POM plastic

Base plate, Aluminum alloy 7075-T6

Truck adapter, Aluminum alloy 7075-T6

Wheel coupler, TPU plastic

Gearbox cover, ASA plastic

All bolts

Wires for ABI encoder system, VESC hall sensor connector

I am asking 369€+VAT for a pair


I have truck adapter only for trampa precission cnc trucks now.

I have wheel adapter couplers for trampa superstar wheels and HQ assasin wheels.


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What does the ABI encoder do exactly? Are different ratios possible? 3.75 with 6354 motors is a bad idea imho. I’m currently on 4 ratio and would go even higher with 8 inch wheels. I would never couple my wheels with plastic. is metal an option?


Abi encoders improves FOC control a lot, i can try to record a video for demonstration.

Yes it’s possible to change gear ratio. I am currently using 12T spur gear, i know there is a lot motor mounts with low as 8T. 45 T / 8 T = 5,625 ratio.

Couplers are more like rubber, same as used in automotive applications for shaft coupling. Idea of flexible coupler is to reduce vibrations and compensate misalignment of wheel(wheel bearings have clearance and wheel vibrates).