Selling electric skateboard build!

Hey guys, I’m looking to sell one of my electric skateboard builds. As of now I’m open to any offers but possibly around 1300 but I’m open to offers! Located in the US-CA Below are the specs:

Torque boards 6374 Torque boards truck/wheels/drivekit 12s8p 30q Battery Unity VX2 remote psychotiller killshot deck and enclosure

feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

Location needed since batteries are usually difficult to transport outside of certain locations. Other than that, the board looks great. Hope it sells.

thank you! I appreciate it. I have edited to have the location!

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Why are you selling im interested and in california

I have kinda moved off of boards and looking to sell em now that I’ve gotten kinda busy. oh great!!

OK what’s the lowest you will take for the complete board I will buy it right now