Selling Everything! FREE - 1/2 Retail Price

Wassup Boys,

I’ve got some new projects that I’m gonna be needing some cash for and wanna let all these parts go as I never really got into e-boarding as much as I would have liked. I’m in Australia by the way, but anything that isn’t a battery I am happy to ship internationally if you pay the $.

All items are barely used or not used at all.

First up, 10S3P battery made with Samsung 25R (from memory). This was based off of someone’s design on here (I forgot their name). The battery is split across two sides and connected at the end. Aus only. It includes a BMS and charger.

The remaining things I’d like to sell for 1/4 to 1/2 of retail price depending on what you think is reasonable:

Hummie Hubs with Arsenal Trucks and Otang Kegels (epoxy job wasn’t the best with these)

2x Enertion VESC 4.12 ESCs (never used)

Benchwheel Remote and Receiver (used once)

Mini RC Car Remote (used a couple times)

TB 12S ESC with BEC rated for 6S

Drop down deck from Ebay

Psychotiller Enclosure that fits two 4s batteries and an ESC (comes predrilled)

Globe Concave Deck (about 36-38")

Pics are on post 16 or 17 of this thread

Send me offers over DM. Hope this stuff gets some good use.


How much for hummies and benchwheel remote

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Hi, how much for VESC’s? Have you got 2 Turnigy SK3, if yes, how much for them?

The hummies are the old style ones, yeah? Not the super wide recent version with the grey urethane?

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dibs on enertion mount


Interested in hummie hubs if they are the new ones!

As I said, DM me offers.

Please DM offers. Only one SK3

Yep, first gen

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Unfortunately not the new ones

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It’s tomorrow afternoon now.

Not sure this style of selling is allowed. Pretty sure prices are required.


Still at school bud and I have sport commitments (it’s only 1pm here, last time I checked afternoon is anytime between 12 and 6?). I’ve let everyone know that the pictures are coming. Didn’t know there was a specific way to sell stuff on a public forum. If you’re a mod I’m happy to change it.

I’m not but it doesn’t change the rules.

@anorak234 is tho


Can you please direct me to this rule then?

Nope :man_shrugging:

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This forum :face_vomiting:



Im interested in the SK3 and the VESC

Please shoot me a DM

Initial post updated with what is still available. SK3 and Enertion Drive Set are now gone as well as one Mini RC car remote, but there is still another one.