Selling failsafe unit

I never even opend the package. I’m from Canada FYI

3 dollor plus ship.

What does it do? Is it just a fuse?

it is for your board to stop when disconnected from remote or the receiver catches unknown frequency, instead of accelerating crazy. vesc has sort of buit in, other esc or chineses esc don’t have it.

Gt2b is built in i think? tho i never experience any abnormality since it is damn reliable

So it just stops? Like does it slam on the brakes, or is it a slow deceleration…? I’ve heard of instances where the connection was lost and people get thrown from their board because it like brakes real heavy… Is there a way for it to keep you going as you were before the disconnection, so there is no sudden change in speed? That seems safer to me. I guess if this was too happen and you were going the same as before the disconnection, and you tried to break, but nothing happened, then you’d know what was going on and could bail if need be, lol. A really good idea too would be for your remote to alert you somehow that it is not connected, that would be very useful!

u can program failsafe unit to not hard on brake.

and some esc actually beep u when not connected.

I don’t think radio remote can beep u, since it only sends signal out.

unless, if u make remote with alduino and bluetooth module that communicate each and every time, sure. but the battery and size must be massive

Batter yet, if it communicate with phone well enough that phone’s volume button becomes go and break button of the board.

well that’s a cool idea!

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Yeah that would be awesome!