Selling Foosted complete build board. Australia based

Hey guys, trying to get rid of this board. Currently one of the motors had some issues, not sure what it is will drop a video here. I believe one of the magnets went loose. video of the motor making weird noise


  • Loaded Dervish
  • 10s3p samsung 30Q by Ownboard, 45A (30 charge cycles, no sag)
  • Caliber Trucks
  • Dual Vesc 4.12
  • Mboard anti-spark switch (never failed)
  • Dual Enertion RSPEC 6355 ( one of the motors failed has a video to show above)
  • Enertion carbon fiber motor mount
  • Enertion Abec pulleys
  • Evolve 83mm street wheels
  • Mob griptape

Including tons of extra,

  • GT2B, Y-splitter, XT60, XT90 cables and extension cable, etc. 54523096_583445015508450_3295544830175739904_n 67662171_718331111975615_5838128433904746496_n 67763992_2419974778272603_7785817813976875008_n 69035448_2135353250103117_7811208019953319936_n 67690938_508603586543238_7453945819863973888_n

I’m after $700 AUD, based in Brisbane, Australia. It will be great if this can be easily fixed, as I’ve not much time to fix it. Else it just needs a new motor swap.

Feel free to drop me PM. Price is negotiable


are you deciding to part out perhaps? Would be interested in some parts

Not at the moment, we’ll see how it goes I might change my mind.

Bump. post

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Hi, are you sill not parting it out? if you do, how much for the mounts?

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also dibs on the motor mounts, i live in Aus



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I mean second reserve :stuck_out_tongue: for a friend

whatcha want

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Just tagged ya in case there was anything you wanted :wink: I don’t need anything here. :blush:

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nah nah all good. thanks though :heart: