(Selling) Heading out for another big while...PARTS FOR SALE

Hello guys, been a long time since I have been in here due to personal stuff. I will be out of skateboarding for a while and want to sell some of my stuff since I need the space. So here is the list. Shipping will be calculated based on where you live… No international shipping

  1. (SOLD) New Focbox - $150 Shipped

2.(SOLD) New Nano-X Hand Controller - $55 Shipped

  1. Used Raptor 1 Carbon Fiber Deck - $ Negotiable

  1. Used 10s3p 25r Samsung Raptor 1 Battery - $120 Charging port stopped working so it doesn’t charged anymore, cells are kinda old.

  1. Used Enertion R-Spec 190kv 6374 - $60 Used one time and crashed the board to a wall. One or two magnets area chipped, so its hard to spin, easy fixable if you know what you are doing.

I wouldnt take my chances with the battery at 0 for so long, my space cell went south and it dropped so low it was 7V on the entire pack… either check it or chuck it man :frowning:

pmd for focbox and nano x

Any chance you have an extra 12s bms for sale?