Selling: HLG 320H 54A 54V 6A AC-DC 300W charger

Good for charging a 12S pack. Shipping to UK, possibly EU.

Looking for around £70 + shipping but open to offers.

Are you trying to buy or sell?

My bad, I am selling

Sales threads need

  • correct category selected
  • a price
  • a country
  • photos uploaded

I see a country, but the photo isn’t uploaded, it’s linked.

Sorry, I’ve added everything except the picture, when I try and upload I get a “host URL mismatch error”? Do you know how to resolve that?

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You seem like a smart person. I have an old bird 2 battery abandoned by bird when they left sf. Im trying to install a bms but its got 5 positives and 5 negatives plus the main ground and power. Do i connect the group of wires to the positives and ignore the negatives? It had abig bms board i took off of it. And would that be considered a five series since there’s 5 different packs ? I cant find q 5 series bms anywhere. Thank you

That sounds like a recipe for a big fire. Make sure you understand a lot more about lithium batteries before you try anything like that.