Selling HTD-3M and HTD-5M Pulleys in Europe

Hi community!

Being in the process of building my first electric longboard I found myself facing the challenge of getting pulleys for my build. Fortunately I have found a reliable local shop selling steel HTD-3M (boosted boards use this size) and HTD-5M pulleys with number of teeth ranging from 12 to 72 for belt sizes of 9mm, 15mm and 25mm. The bore size for the motor pulleys is 6mm, for the larger pulley it is 8mm, so they do require some modifications. They don’t come with keyways nor grub screws, but this is a DIY forum :slight_smile: Motor pulleys cost 8 euro shipped, wheel pulleys cost 17 euro shipped, for combined shipping send me a message! PM me if you are interested! Thanks!

Dude this type of pulley needs serious modification and everybody can just buy them from hug at a way lower price.

Edit: To give an idea: 15t 9mm HTD5 pulley for 3,22€ plus shipping and 36t 9mm HTD5 for 6,45€. But since they are steel your basic household tools will not cut it. You’ll need a lathe and drill press to get them to fit wheels and motor.


I use same pulleys in my build (15mm 40T & 14T) - works well. Brought them to metal workshop for modifications. Being made out of steel wheel pulley is quite heavy.