Selling MINI FOC ESC Only $135 Shipping for free!

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Super small size,You can even place it inside the deck!

continuous current reaches 35a,max 80a ,Meet the needs of general electric skateboards!

Vesc compatible!

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ok first off, FOC BOX? really???

E: woops

Yea… may want to just change the name to mini foc esc… I know Jason “left” the forum but that doesn’t mean we can go crazy!!! This is in no way associated with focbox and adding a space between the name just makes it even more sleazy… mini foc esc or x-minifoc works fine


hahahahaha, Has changed,,check it out

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He didnt buy the mini one. This one is only 40A cont. Not sure why theres a second thread tho :thinking:

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For diy ordinary road electric skateboard, this current is just right

I bought two already from you, waiting for them to arrive. We’ll see what they can do.

Looking forward to your feedback!

I get no response from you when reaching out via email. Can’t seem to see status on my order. Why is this?

Haven’t you received the ESC yet?
Is this an order from Paris, France? let me check

Will write you a DM.

Nope… He has discontinued the product i bought, and send my money back. This is not the same …

Note that he is talking about another product, the mini foc works fine.


The new cheap MAKER-X DUAL V4 !

Do you have anyone testing these? The specs seem killer for the price, but I can find no details on it anywhere but this and your you tube videos.

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