Selling my 10S5P 6374 X2 Maytech FocBox Haggy Kit DIY esk8

Hi Guys,

I am selling my DIY esk8.

Here are the specs

10S5P Psychotiller Battery Used 250 miles

Haggy AT Drive Kit with red wheels and 6364 X2 custom Maytech motors with option to change to street wheels (pulleys and belts)

2X extra spare belts

Spare extra hangar

Custom carbon fiber skinned enclosure from Sender

Subsonic Century 40 stiff drop deck with laser cut hurricane grip tape. Carbon fiber skinned top and bottom with purple sides.

Attached Handle

Custom painted and printed truck mounts

Tons of shred lights

Range is ~25 miles with 170 lb rider. Weight of complete deck is ~22 lbs.

Asking for $1600 + shipping or pickup from Seattle.

IMG_3666 IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4019


Oh no, why are you selling it?

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really want a mountain board. The Trampa with gear drive is coming out to be $2400 shipped.


Post it over at the https://forum./

better chance of selling.


Wasn’t this the board that got stolen a while back?


Yeah, some of those photos are from the stollen listing.


What are the other components of this build? 2400 is a good price for a shipped complete kit

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Haha yeah I didn’t have any latest pics that were of a clean board lol

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I will give the buyer the option for a benchwheel remote or a feather remote for an extra $70. Its pretty much sealed watertight. But there is a gap where the cables come out.

So you recovered it?


How did you end up getting it back?


That my friend, I cannot discuss in a public forum.


Real gangsters move in silence, Hahaha I love it!, I got mine stolen in Tacoma, would u mind sharing at least how u found it? Ive been searching the for sale forums and offerup, letgo. No luck so far though, just thought Id ask. Thanks

Please do tell! Just a hint?!

Haha cmon guys. Let it go let’s just say the cops weren’t involved and they were stupid enough to try to sell it online.


Here are some pics I took right now. It’s scratched at the bottom but they’re minor and I just rub some polish and it’ll be spunky fresh.

Also note that the battery meter is cracked. I can put in a new one upon request for free. image image image image


Looking to buy this one with 8 inch superstar wheels.


Are you wiling to part it out?

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But it looks so beautiful together

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Possibly, If I can’t find a buyer within a few weeks.