Selling my 125Kv sensored motor

Hi! I have recently build an esk8 and got the hobbyking 125Kv motor.

The topspeed I get with 10S 15-36T and 83mm wheels is around 30km/h which is just to slow for me, I really like speeds around 35-45km/h so I selling this motor to switch to the keda 190Kv motor. I did around 100km with this board and the motor still runs so smooth, has a lot of torque but just a bit to slow for my opinion. Here are some pics of the motor. The motor only has got some hits from gravel as you can see but works perfect. I have always 2 rubber rings around my motor to protect it if something should go wrong but nothing happened until now :ok_hand: i have made an ‘‘adapter’’ for the sensor wires so it fits in the single motor ebay esc but you can just unplug the wire to put the sensors in a vesc.

I would like to get around 50€ shipped (EU) so I can buy the 190Kv with the money.

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ill do 50 shipped send me your email address is the keyway with it

I will go to the post office tomorow to ask about the shipping just to be sure I can do 50€ shipped. My email is [email protected] There was no keyway in the box, I’m using 2 setscrews so I have 2 small flat spots on the shaft.

Do you want me to pay u 50 now

I will let you know in a couple of days! I will let you know if I went to the post office to ask about the shipping, where do I have to sent the package to?

Dublin Ireland

Hk have that new for 66e so let me know if u just want 50